Behind the scenes in the studio + what inspires me!

Above: Hand-tying the pretty satin bow for our "Vintage Glamour" invitations

Above: Hand-tying the pretty satin bows for our “Vintage Glamour” invitations

Last week, a friend of mine asked me how I come up with my invitation designs as well as how many new designs I release each year.

That question got me thinking because it’s not something which I really give too much thought to. Like most designers and artists, I don’t have a set schedule for producing new work. Inspiration can hit at any time of day (and often at very random moments) but whenever possible, if a great design idea or concept comes to mind, I try to sit down immediately and draw or write about it while the idea is still fresh! I’ll then have a play with it whenever time permits.

Lots of things inspire my designs. I get inspiration from emerging wedding trends, experimenting with pretty colour combinations, discovering unique fabrics and embellishments, as well as learning new crafting techniques.  However, my inspiration does not only come from wedding related sources. Going to the local markets, taking trips to beautiful scenic places and following various fashion, travel and craft blogs for example, also provides great fuel for creativity. As a person who is constantly on the look-out for ways to create something fresh and different, I do find looking away from the wedding scene  to be beneficial. This is because things can unfortunately start to  look way too stock standard after being in the industry for a number of years.

I know that I’m on to a good thing when I feel a buzz with what I am creating. That FEELING you get when you have a fantastic new design idea is just breathtaking and I always get so excited and anxious to start creating! Its almost like I can’t think about anything else until it’s done! For me, designing is hands down the best part of my job!

What’s the best part about your job? What inspires your creations? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Above: Wrapping twine around our "Tying the Knot" invitations

Above: Wrapping twine around our “Tying the Knot” invitations

Above: Working on a special custom design for a new client! Hope she's impressed!

Above: Working on a special custom design for a new client! Hope she’s impressed!


3 things I’ve learnt over the years…


This month, exactly 3 years ago, was the time I took a big leap of faith and quit my job in the corporate environment. At that point in time, I had been working on my invitation business for a year already on a part-time basis, and had made a decision to go out on my own and devote myself to the business, full-time.

I was nervous. I was scared. I had little idea about what it meant to be my own boss. I was also incredibly excited about embarking on a new journey and having the opportunity to do something which I really enjoyed and was passionate about.

Let me be upfront and say that running a small business is hard hard HARD work! There’s no getting ’round that fact. But yet, I feel that if you’re doing something you feel connected with every day, it certainly is worth it. Today, I want to share just a few things I’ve learnt over the past few years… [Read more…]