Rustic white ink invitations for all occasions

White ink on rustic Kraft card- Valentina variation design

Available by request- ‘Valentina’ printed in white ink on Kraft card- Contact us to enquire!

I’m excited to announce that we now print in white ink! White ink is a relatively new technology which gives invitations a bit of that wow factor, especially when used on darker coloured cardstock such as: Kraft, black, navy, chocolate and red, just to name a few!

Above we have a variation of our “Valentina” design printed in white ink and below we have 2 new designs from our baby invitation line- B Studio Baby Invitations

If you like any of these designs or would be interested in a custom design, just get in touch =)

White ink on rustic baby shower  and birthday sample invitations

Baby shower and birthday invitations available at our sister site ‘B Studio Baby Invitations

White ink on rustic baby shower invitation

Rustic baby shower invitation available at our sister site ‘B Studio Baby Invitations


New Wedding Stationery Designs and Thank You Cards

What's New at B Studio Wedding Invitations

Valentina Collection- Please click image to enlarge

Valentina Collection– Please click image to enlarge

Lace & Petals Series by 'B Studio Wedding Invitations'

Lace & Petals Series– Please click image to enlarge

Lace & Petals Series by 'B Studio Wedding Invitations'

Lace & Petals Series– Please click image to enlarge

Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes at B Studio. If you’re on the hunt for some elegant new stationery designs, perhaps one of these new babies will take your fancy? To view more info about each individual design, simply click on the collection name under each image (in bold) to be taken directly to our website. To see an enlarged version of each image, please click directly on the picture. Let me know what you think!

Tindra Sparkle Collection

Tindra Sparkle Collection– Please click image to enlarge

Metallic & Matte Foiled Thank You Card Sets

Metallic & Matte Foiled Thank You Card Sets– please click image to enlarge


Laser-cut Heart Tree Invitation Collection

Heart tree laser-cut invitation card- angle view

It’s been quite a while since we have released a new invitation suite, so I’m thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to the B Studio family today- our “Heart Tree” stationery collection! This invitation features a lovely intricate tree design laser-cut onto sturdy natural Kraft cardstock. More pics and info can be found on our website here!

If you are interested in more rustic invitation designs, visit our rustic/country invitations gallery here.

Heart tree laser-cut invitation suite

Heart tree laser-cut invitation card- on clipboard


“Gatsby, What Gatsby?”

1920s wedding glam inspiration board- B Studio Wedding Invitations

Thanks to the recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s film “The Great Gatsby”, all things “1920’s” and “Gatsby-esque” are now back in vogue. This beautiful bygone era known as “the roaring ’20s” was a time where people embraced grandeur and glamour and partied it up without a care in the world- the perfect inspiration for a decadent fun-filled wedding, don’t you think?

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She sells…”Starfish” by the seashore!

By the Seashore Invitation2

It’s currently Winter for all of us down in the Southern Hemisphere and we’ve certainly suffered some pretty miserable weather of late. I (like many) am longing for a bit of fun in the sun right now and am counting down the days until Summer is with us again.

In the meantime, while I’ve been dreaming away about sipping cocktails on a beautiful island resort, I’ve also been working on a couple of new designs inspired by my summertime daydreams. “By the Seashore” (as seen above) is my latest release and would be ideal for a laid back, easy breezy beach/seaside wedding! Do you like what you see?

Gatsby Glamour- inspired by the glamour and sophistication of the roaring ’20s!

Gatsby Glamour- 1920s style collage4

Celebrate the grandeur and glamour of the roaring 1920’s with this special edition art deco invitation design. Perfect for a “Great Gatsby” style wedding or for those looking to incorporate elements of a beautiful bygone era into their wedding!

French Provincial wedding theme

French Provincial wedding- B Studio Wedding Invitations- with logo

Our latest invitation design was inspired by the beautiful French countryside. When we think of a French provincial wedding theme, we think of elements which are warm and rustic yet still sophisticated and chic with elegant lace draping, ornate chandeliers and many simplistic little details. Tout simplement magnifique!

Photo credits for above{Clockwise from left}  Table, chandelier & cake-, Table setting images-, “French Provincial” invitation by B Studio Wedding Invitations-, Flower in basket-

What’s HOT right now in the wonderful world of stationery!

2013 is set to be another GIGANTIC year in both the wedding and the stationery industry- I can just feel it! It’s only the 14th day of the year and already we have been inundated with enquiries and orders, so I have a feeling this year is going to be one super busy exciting year!

In term of wedding stationery trends, I’m predicting that the following 5 will be BIG this year:


Love Birds Rustic Invitation Collage

NEW DESIGN COMING SOON: ‘Love birds’ Collection by B Studio Wedding Invitations


– Rustic/Country theme: This theme has been vastly growing in popularity in recent years, and I expect that it will only continue to grow this year, as brides increasingly look for ways to incorporate more natural and earthy elements into their wedding. Check out our blog post last year on Rustic/Country Invitations” for some inspiration boards as well as to find out more about this trend.

– Recycled Paper goods: As mentioned above, modern couples are increasingly going “green” and turning to sustainable earth-friendly options to incorporate into their weddings. Sending invitations made out of recycled card stock/paper conveys a message to your guests that you care enough to send out a formal paper invitation, yet want to do so in a eco-friendly manner. With the rise in popularity of rustic/vintage/eco weddings, sending invites made out of recycled materials fits right in with the theme, so it’s a win-win situation!

– Birds: Birds are going to be big this year, and will feature throughout weddings in a multitude of ways. You will be seeing a lot more stationery collections featuring bird patterns and themes as well as invitations with cute little love birds on them (speaking of which, we have just designed one recently which will be available on the website soon. See pic above). You are also likely to see birds topping cakes, hanging from ceilings, adorning reception tables in cute little birds nests and more. A bird theme fits in well with a number of common wedding themes ( eg. garden, outdoors, woodsy weddings) so I’m not one bit surprised about this emerging trend.

Miss Lacey { twine} Invitation by B Studio

Miss Lacey { twine} Invitation by B Studio Wedding Invitations

– Doilies: Pretty lacey doilies are looking hot and we are going to see a lot more of these gorgeous things popping up everywhere! Doilies can be used on invitations, as part of wedding decorations, on cakes, dresses & many more! Whether paper or crotchet, doilies look gorgeous when teamed with a rustic or vintage theme as well as a feminine theme.

– Lace: Lace has always been on the wedding scene and will still remain popular, due to its timelessness. Personally I love lace, so you’ll hear no complaints here!


So these are just a few of the trends to watch out for this year! What do you think of these trends and will you be incorporating any of these into your wedding or event?


NEW Rustic/ Country Invitations have arrived!

If you’re looking to create a rustic country-themed wedding filled with natural eco-friendly details and classic country charm, you can’t go wrong with our new range of rustic themed wedding invitations!

A rustic theme would be ideal for those holding their wedding at a vineyard, winery, country estate or barn/farmhouse. Rustic weddings are increasing in popularity these days, due to the rise in couples seeking to create a beautiful and natural environment for their big day!

Have a look at the 2 rustic inspired inspiration boards we created featuring our new rustic invitations. We hope they inspire your next event!

Rustic Romance-country wedding Inspiration Board-B Studio Wedding Invitations

Photo credits for above: {Clockwise from left} Candle- Elizabeth Anne Designs, Invitation- ‘Rustic Romance’ invitation by B Studio Wedding Invitations, Cake-, Invitation- ‘Rustic Romance’ invitation by B Studio Wedding InvitationsCouple with sign- display-

Rustic country wedding inspiration board-B Studio Wedding Invitations

Photo credits for above{Clockwise from left} Invitation- ‘Georgia’ Invitation by B Studio Wedding Invitations, Mr & Mrs wooden signs, Burlap ring pillow-, Rustic table setting-, Barn image-, Invitation & place card- ‘Rustic Tree’ collection by B Studio Wedding Invitations, Tree ceremony-, Jam filled wedding favor mason jar-

*** *** ***

P.S. If you’re not sure what a rustic wedding is, think: countryside charm, barns, wooden signs, burlap (also known as jute or hessian), mason jars and homemade jams and goodies to name just a few! For an elegant spin to the rustic theme, consider having a rustic chic, rustic romantic or rustic mixed with vintage wedding theme!

Support Handmade

NEW handmade invitation- "Charmed by Love"

NEW handmade invitation “Charmed by Love”

Personally, I am a lover of handmade goods. Be it handmade jewellery, decorations, invitations…you name it. I have always appreciated and admired the time, effort and craftsmanship behind a well-made handmade item. Each piece is unique and special and knowing that my item wasn’t a mass-produced product churned out from a factory makes me cherish it that little bit more.

I know how much time and effort I put into creating each and every invitation for my customers and I do often try to picture the look on their faces when they receive their packages from me, and have a look at their invitation for the first time. I would imagine that it would be a look of delight and awe, and this is the response I strive to achieve with each and every piece of mine. This is another reason why I love handmade goods… I believe they can bring out feelings and emotions that oftentimes plain mass-produced products can’t.

Last month, I signed a pledge to support the handmade goods industry, vouching to buy handmade goods for myself and others where possible. Here is my plaque below:

Handmade Pledge

Are you a fan of handmade products yourself? What handmade items do you buy or make?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

NEW handmade invitation- "Grandeur"

NEW handmade invitation “Grandeur”

Links to our new invitation collections pictured above:

New collection…a little “bling” for the big day!

In designing our latest creation- the Illuminous collection– we imagined a beautiful extravagant wedding filled with sparkling crystal and silver accents. Have a look at our mini inspiration board below:

Clockwise from left: B Studio Wedding Invitations “illuminous” wedding invitation card, pumps from Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter, crystal necklace and earrings set from Swarovski, crystal clutch from Peep Toe Shoes.

What’s New- “Vintage Glamour” Wedding Invitations

This luxurious lace invitation collection is perfect for a vintage inspired wedding theme.

The invitation features luscious ivory lace corded and beaded with pearls and sequins, tied together with soft taupe satin ribbon on top on pearlescent mink card and finished with a dazzling cluster at the centre.


Our STYLISH engagement invitation range is here!

Yesterday, we released our simple and stylish engagement invitation rangeon our website! They are perfect for announcing your engagement to family and friends and for setting the right tone for the upcoming wedding!

Not sure what to write on your engagement invites? Luckily, we’re one step ahead and have also provided a handy engagement invitation wording ideas guide! Enjoy!

I love love LOVE these 2 new invitation collections!

I’ve had so much fun designing these 2 new invitation designs this week!

Whenever I create a new design, it usually starts with an interesting embellishment or piece of paper which has caught my eye…that’s when I start getting inspired and then begin matching them up with different coloured backgrounds and prints, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. There have been so many times where I’ve surprised myself with what actually works! Sometimes its not what I had envisaged at all, and the final result is even better than I could have imagined!

Hope you enjoy these latest two designs!

{2013 edit: These collections are available by special request. Please contact us for details}

The “Florentine Damask” Collection

Florentine Damask Diamante Jewel Wedding Invitation Card

The “Red Flair” Feather Collection

Red Flair Feather Wedding invitations- Invitation Wallet

“Mystique Mink” is unleashed

We added another new collection to our rapidly growing  gallery today!  We call this latest collection the Mystique Mink collection and it is in fact the first DL sized invitation to hit the gallery! {2013 edit: This collection is no longer available}

All our other invitation designs have been square in shape, and now that we’ve seen how great DL invitations can look, expect to see more of them in future! Having said that, its been an incredibly busy and furiously fun month and what we can tell you is- expect a lot MORE from us in the next month as we are working on many more fantastic invitation designs at the moment! Can’t wait to show you!

Till next month…stay happy and inspired! xxoo

A lovely new wedding invitation perfect for a vintage themed wedding!

We think vintage themed weddings are gorgeous, so with the release of our Vintage Romance Invitation collection last week, we thought we’d create a mini inspiration board just for fun!  

Vintage Romance Vintage Themed Wedding Inspiration Board

 Top Left to Right: Lace Parasol from Pink Frosting, Cake from Brides in Bloom, Candle holder
Bottom: Vintage Romance Invitation Card from B Studio Wedding Invitations