NEW “Sweet Petite” accessories- matching Save the Dates and Designer Menus!

Matching Save the Date cards and designer menus have just been added to our popular Sweet Petite Invitation Collection this week!

What do you think of them?!

Sweet Petite Wedding Invitations Save_the_Date_Cards

Sweet Petite Wedding Invitations Designer Menu


Save the Date Cards- do we need them?

Save the Date cards are a fantastic way to let family and friends know when and where your wedding will be long before they receive your formal invitation!

The main purpose of Save the Date cards is to make sure as many of your guests as possible make it to your wedding, by giving them plenty of notice to make travel arrangements, take time off work, or simply turn down other invitations for your special day.

Save the Date Cards are particularly useful if you are having a destination wedding, plenty of out of town guests, if your wedding coincides with any holidays or if you are holding a wedding during a peak season.

Save the Date

Save the date Cards should ideally be sent between 6-12 months before the wedding. Remember that the more notice you give your guests, the greater the chances that they will be able to turn up!

How you choose to word your Save the date cards is up to you however generally they only need to inform your guests of when your upcoming wedding date actually is, however you can also provide a location if you are having a destination wedding where guests will be required to travel in order to attend. Otherwise, your names as well as the wedding date should suffice. It is also common to add the line “Formal Invitation to follow” on your save the dates, so that people do not confuse them for the actual invitations!

Your Save the Date Cards can match your wedding invitations or they can be different. It really depends on whether you have chosen your invitations yet or not at the time you plan your save the date cards. Having matching save the date cards and invitations is a great idea! Your guests will get a glimpse of your wedding theme from their save the date cards, leaving them excited about the formal wedding invitation to come!