Mariann & Scott’s Exotic Koh Samui Wedding

Mariann and Scott pic 1- B Studio Wedding Invitations

There is seriously nothing I enjoy more than receiving photos from my oh-so-awesome clients of their wedding day!

Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing some of Mariann and Scott’s gorgeous pics from their wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand late last year. It was such a delight to work with this beautiful couple as well as the wonderful Mother of the Groom. From the initial ‘Save the Date’ cards to the wedding invitations and then the matching reception stationery, it’s all been an incredible creative journey! I had tons of fun creating their custom-made beach themed stationery- have a look and let me know what you think!

Mariann and Scott pic 2- B Studio Wedding Invitations

Mariann and Scott pic 3- B Studio Wedding Invitations

Mariann and Scott pic 4- B Studio Wedding Invitations

Mariann and Scott pic 5- B Studio Wedding Invitations


A navy and pink custom invitation design

Navy and Pink custom design- B Studio

Navy and Pink custom design pic 2- B Studio

Salut, mon ami! It’s been awhile since the last blog post, so please do accept my apologies. My team and I have been very busy behind the scenes and blogging has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. However, we’re back and here to share with you a custom design we created recently! Navy, blush pink and ivory lace look oh-so-pretty together, don’t you think?

UPDATE 2nd April 2014– Due to the high interest level, this custom design has now made it’s way into our main gallery! You can view more images and order these beauties on our website here.

Can’t believe it’s August already! Check out what we’ve been up to this month!

I can hardly believe that we’re already into the 8th month of this year! Where has time gone?!

I guess it is hard to keep track of time when you’re busy! There actually hasn’t been a quiet moment in the studio for many months now. We’ve been little busy bees getting all our orders made for our lovely Spring and Summer brides!

Unfortunately we don’t have the time to photograph all the projects we work on, however we do have pics of 2 projects we’ve been working on this month!

1. Madison & Lindsay’s “Love in Venice” invitations & handmade wraparound address labels!

Love in Venice stationery for Madison and Lindsay

2. Jessica & Drew’s custom designed invitations featuring black and white stripes and charcoal ribbon!

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Are handmade wedding invitatons right for you?

There are so many invitation options out there these days, and despite having a business primarily focused on handmade invites, I do have a deep love and appreciation for many other types of invitations other than handmade ones. It’s truly a wonderful thing that brides and grooms of today have such an abundance of choice!

So let’s get down to the question at hand…

Are handmade invitations the right choice for you?

Handmade stationery may not be for everyone, but it may be the right choice for you if:

– You are looking to personalize every aspect of your invitations:

A good thing about handmade invitations is that they allow couples to personalize each and every aspect of their invite- from the style and texture of the card and paper to be used, the colours to be featured, right down to the type of embellishments to be applied.

There is quite a bit of flexibility involved as the majority of handmade stationery is made-to-order (not mass-produced), thus a variety of changes can be accommodated.  Some stationers (us included) may also be able to accommodate special wording and printing requirements. For example, if you are looking to have half of your stationery printed with different wording to the other half, this is something which could be arranged for you.

– You are looking for something unique and just a bit different:

You have endless opportunities to have an invitation that’s completely unique and so…YOU…with a handmade card!

As mentioned above, with so many options available at every level of the design process,  it’s rather unlikely that you will end up with the exact same invite as your neighbour or friend from work  (unless of course you all have the same (magnificent) taste)!!!  =)

– You want more than just a flat piece of card:

You might have seen handmade invitations out there which are adorned with beautiful lace fabrics, dazzling diamante clusters, pretty feathers, pearls and other gorgeous embellishments. If you are looking for an invitation which has a bit more to it than just cardboard and ink, a handmade card may be the right choice for you.

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Little details that make a BIG impact on your wedding stationery!

It’s quite easy to add a little pizzazz and personality to your wedding stationery…it’s those little details that make all the difference and set you apart from the rest. Here are some fun ideas you might like to consider:

– Use envelope liners to give your envelopes that extra bit of ‘pretty’

I love envelope liners which is why I’ve recently incorporated them into my stationery lines. The give plain envelopes that extra bit of impact and add a nice finishing touch to your entire stationery suite.

Matching Envelope Liners by B Studio Wedding Invitations

Envelope liners add that extra impact to your stationery suite

Envelope liner- Sweetheart collection

Sweetheart collection envelope liner

– Order custom postage stamps

I think this is such a great idea however by the time I found out that you could order custom-made postage stamps, my wedding day had already passed! Having your favourite couple shot (or any picture you like) on your stamps is certainly a way to make your stationery truly ‘yours’ and also it’s bound to have people marveling at not only your invite, but also your envelope too!

– Add a romantic quote or poem to your wedding invitations

Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea, as it often sets a romantic and loving tone for your wedding day, and is just one way that you can express your love to each other and share it with their guests. You might like to add the quote/poem on the cover of your invitation, inside your invitation card or perhaps even weave it into your invitation wording!

“Vintage Glamour” in black and white combinations!

By special request, here are some images of our popular “Vintage Glamour” invitations in black and white! Which do you ♥ heart more? The black card with black ribbon or the white card with black ribbon?

Vintage Glamour Invitation Customised- White Card & Black Ribbon

Vintage Glamour Invitation Customised- White Card & Black Ribbon

Vintage Glamour Invitation Customised- Black Card & Black Ribbon- B Studio

Vintage Glamour Invitation Customised- Black Card & Black Ribbon

Do you like this design (or another design of ours) but looking for different colours? Please do get in contact with us, as in most cases, we can change colours to suit your wedding/event theme! Drop us a line today!

Invitation Orders of the week

We often get so busy in the studio working on our invitation orders back-to-back, that we don’t get the time to photograph many of our customers orders. This week though, I made a conscious effort to try to take pictures of a few of the orders that we are currently working on, and display them on the blog. In the past week, we have been working on 3 special orders…***The first is for Gaela and Russell who ordered our deluxe “Grandeur” invitations (their invitation box set is pictured below)

Grandeur Luxury Wedding Invitation Set for Gaela and Russell

Grandeur Luxury Wedding Invitation Set for Gaela and Russell

The second order is for Gloria and Leigh who chose a special custom design featuring a metallic cream gate-fold card, lace and a large baby pink ribbon wrapped around the card and tied into a bow at the front. Their guests will have the pleasure of undoing the bow to open up their invitation. Cream and Baby Pink Custom Design for Gloria and Leigh

The third order is for Sara and Cheyne who ordered our (now discontinued) Love Garden invitation series ( pictured below).

Love Garden Invitation Set for Sara and Cheyne

Love Garden Invitation Set for Sara and Cheyne


This week has certainly been a busy one. In between orders, we also managed to re-vamp our website with a fresh new layout! Have a look and let us know what you think! =)

Fresh out of the studio- custom made designs from last month!

Here at B Studio Wedding Invitations, we often have the pleasure of creating custom made designs for our customers.

Some customers approach us looking for something completely unique and original for their wedding, while some have taken a liking to the designs in our gallery, and just want to change the colours (to tie in with their own wedding colours), or make some tweaks here and there.

We always love working with our bride-to-be’s (and a few grooms too!), listening to their ideas and visions, then doing our best to translate those ideas into beautiful exquisite stationery!

Below is a selection of custom made pieces we created for our wonderful customers last month:

Mink and ivory lace custom designAbove: This beautiful invitation was designed by a lovely bride-to-be in the US and handmade by B Studio Wedding Invitations! The bride-to-be took inspiration from both our Ebony Boudoir and Damask Pink invitations collections, and the results speaks for themselves, don’t they? =)

Parisian Stripes Brown & Taupe Customised design Menu and bonbonniere box

Above: Our popular Parisian Stripes stationery suite customised with metallic brown card and taupe satin ribbon.

Ebony Boudoir Gold Ivory Customised Invitation CollectionAbove: A bride-to-be from the Netherlands loved our Ebony Boudoir invitation series, however wanted it in gold and ivory, to tie in her with her wedding colours. So we came to the rescue! I love how it turned out! What do you think of it?


It has certainly been a very busy month in the studio however we have been loving every bit of it!

If you’re interested in seeing more of our custom designs, please do check out our custom design gallery.

‘Till next post, take care!

The B Studio Team

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NEW “Sweet Petite” accessories- matching Save the Dates and Designer Menus!

Matching Save the Date cards and designer menus have just been added to our popular Sweet Petite Invitation Collection this week!

What do you think of them?!

Sweet Petite Wedding Invitations Save_the_Date_Cards

Sweet Petite Wedding Invitations Designer Menu

Your first look at our upcoming lovely lace creations

At the studio this week, we’ve found ourselves surrounded by layers and layers of gorgeous ivory lace… and the result? Another two lace creations were born! The entire range will be available on our website shortly. Please contact us for quotes or to register your interest.