Personalising your stationery with custom rubber stamps!


A great way to add something extra to your stationery suite is to stamp them up with custom rubber stamps! You can add them to your mailing envelopes, RSVP envelopes, place cards, pretty much wherever you like. There are many different designs out there on the market to choose from, and a large range of coloured inkpads to work with.

To use your stamps, make sure you purchase some good quality inkpads which will work nicely with the paper/cardstock you are planning to stamp on. For our samples above and below, we experimented with  a premium quick drying inkpad which works well on glossy papers (this is important, especially if you’re planning to stamp on metallic paper) as well as matte .

I love how these cute little stamps add a lovely personal touch to your stationery. Other ways you could add a little ‘something extra’ to your stationery suite might be to add an envelope liner, custom postage stamp or even include a poem perhaps. Sound good? View our past blog post for more lovely little ideas: Little Details that make a BIG Impact on your Wedding Stationery




If you are interested in ordering a custom rubber stamp, please get in touch- Contact us here!


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