Rustic Love

Hi everyone! We’ve been real busy bees over the last few months! Let me quickly share with you some pics from ‘behind the scenes’ inside our busy workshop this month…Rustic workshop collage

Above: Our rustic themed stationery has been incredibly popular since they were released last year– here’s some of the bits and pieces used in our rustic stationery designs. The studio is just jam packed with burlap, string, recycled card stock and buttons at the moment – love it!

Rustic Romance- Baby Shower invitations

Above: Our popular “Rustic Romance” invitation was made into a baby shower invitation for parents-to-be Chris and Tameka. We were happy they selected our design for their baby shower celebration. It just goes to show that some of our designs can be quite versatile and can be used as invites for other occasions besides weddings!

Quick words from B Studio:  March is upon us now and we couldn’t be happier with how things have been going- work has been incredibly busy with a multitude of projects keeping us engaged, we’ve also been working on some fun new designs which will be released later this year and finally, we recently moved to a new studio, so have been busy unpacking and prettying up the new work space!

If you have a question for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! x



  1. Haley Thompson says:

    I love the babyshower invitations! I am throwing a babyshower for my very best friend and have looked everywhere for “cute as a button” themed invitations. Although I would like them to say something different, I love the style! Please get back to me on customization and price. Thank you so much. .

    Haley Thompson

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