What’s HOT right now in the wonderful world of stationery!

2013 is set to be another GIGANTIC year in both the wedding and the stationery industry- I can just feel it! It’s only the 14th day of the year and already we have been inundated with enquiries and orders, so I have a feeling this year is going to be one super busy exciting year!

In term of wedding stationery trends, I’m predicting that the following 5 will be BIG this year:


Love Birds Rustic Invitation Collage

NEW DESIGN COMING SOON: ‘Love birds’ Collection by B Studio Wedding Invitations


– Rustic/Country theme: This theme has been vastly growing in popularity in recent years, and I expect that it will only continue to grow this year, as brides increasingly look for ways to incorporate more natural and earthy elements into their wedding. Check out our blog post last year on Rustic/Country Invitations” for some inspiration boards as well as to find out more about this trend.

– Recycled Paper goods: As mentioned above, modern couples are increasingly going “green” and turning to sustainable earth-friendly options to incorporate into their weddings. Sending invitations made out of recycled card stock/paper conveys a message to your guests that you care enough to send out a formal paper invitation, yet want to do so in a eco-friendly manner. With the rise in popularity of rustic/vintage/eco weddings, sending invites made out of recycled materials fits right in with the theme, so it’s a win-win situation!

– Birds: Birds are going to be big this year, and will feature throughout weddings in a multitude of ways. You will be seeing a lot more stationery collections featuring bird patterns and themes as well as invitations with cute little love birds on them (speaking of which, we have just designed one recently which will be available on the website soon. See pic above). You are also likely to see birds topping cakes, hanging from ceilings, adorning reception tables in cute little birds nests and more. A bird theme fits in well with a number of common wedding themes ( eg. garden, outdoors, woodsy weddings) so I’m not one bit surprised about this emerging trend.

Miss Lacey { twine} Invitation by B Studio

Miss Lacey { twine} Invitation by B Studio Wedding Invitations

– Doilies: Pretty lacey doilies are looking hot and we are going to see a lot more of these gorgeous things popping up everywhere! Doilies can be used on invitations, as part of wedding decorations, on cakes, dresses & many more! Whether paper or crotchet, doilies look gorgeous when teamed with a rustic or vintage theme as well as a feminine theme.

– Lace: Lace has always been on the wedding scene and will still remain popular, due to its timelessness. Personally I love lace, so you’ll hear no complaints here!


So these are just a few of the trends to watch out for this year! What do you think of these trends and will you be incorporating any of these into your wedding or event?



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