Are handmade wedding invitatons right for you?

There are so many invitation options out there these days, and despite having a business primarily focused on handmade invites, I do have a deep love and appreciation for many other types of invitations other than handmade ones. It’s truly a wonderful thing that brides and grooms of today have such an abundance of choice!

So let’s get down to the question at hand…

Are handmade invitations the right choice for you?

Handmade stationery may not be for everyone, but it may be the right choice for you if:

– You are looking to personalize every aspect of your invitations:

A good thing about handmade invitations is that they allow couples to personalize each and every aspect of their invite- from the style and texture of the card and paper to be used, the colours to be featured, right down to the type of embellishments to be applied.

There is quite a bit of flexibility involved as the majority of handmade stationery is made-to-order (not mass-produced), thus a variety of changes can be accommodated.  Some stationers (us included) may also be able to accommodate special wording and printing requirements. For example, if you are looking to have half of your stationery printed with different wording to the other half, this is something which could be arranged for you.

– You are looking for something unique and just a bit different:

You have endless opportunities to have an invitation that’s completely unique and so…YOU…with a handmade card!

As mentioned above, with so many options available at every level of the design process,  it’s rather unlikely that you will end up with the exact same invite as your neighbour or friend from work  (unless of course you all have the same (magnificent) taste)!!!  =)

– You want more than just a flat piece of card:

You might have seen handmade invitations out there which are adorned with beautiful lace fabrics, dazzling diamante clusters, pretty feathers, pearls and other gorgeous embellishments. If you are looking for an invitation which has a bit more to it than just cardboard and ink, a handmade card may be the right choice for you.

– You have time on your side:

Handmade stationery is all made by hand, thus quality pieces can not be churned out just a few days before you need them sent out. If you are interested in ordering handmade invitations or making your own, please do make arrangements well in advance of the time you need them.

-You don’t like the idea of buying mass-produced store-bought cards:

-When you choose a quality handmade invitation card from a professional stationer, you know you are supporting designers out there who are dedicated to their craft, and who spend hours of their time focused solely on producing something beautiful for you…

The fact that each and every card has been printed and personalized individually and assembled by hand with love and care, speaks volumes to guests about the amount of time, effort and love which has gone into your wedding preparation! And isn’t that what we all want?


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