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NEW handmade invitation- "Charmed by Love"

NEW handmade invitation “Charmed by Love”

Personally, I am a lover of handmade goods. Be it handmade jewellery, decorations, invitations…you name it. I have always appreciated and admired the time, effort and craftsmanship behind a well-made handmade item. Each piece is unique and special and knowing that my item wasn’t a mass-produced product churned out from a factory makes me cherish it that little bit more.

I know how much time and effort I put into creating each and every invitation for my customers and I do often try to picture the look on their faces when they receive their packages from me, and have a look at their invitation for the first time. I would imagine that it would be a look of delight and awe, and this is the response I strive to achieve with each and every piece of mine. This is another reason why I love handmade goods… I believe they can bring out feelings and emotions that oftentimes plain mass-produced products can’t.

Last month, I signed a pledge to support the handmade goods industry, vouching to buy handmade goods for myself and others where possible. Here is my plaque below:

Handmade Pledge

Are you a fan of handmade products yourself? What handmade items do you buy or make?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

NEW handmade invitation- "Grandeur"

NEW handmade invitation “Grandeur”

Links to our new invitation collections pictured above:



  1. Hey this blog post is just amazing and awesome…I also love the hand made things…….. The handmade invitation which you have made is beautiful and the designing is incredible….I will be sharing this post with my friends, so that they also come to know about the handmade wedding invitations……..Good work…Keep it up……:)))

  2. I recently put together a few wedding invitations for our wedding in Thailand (Jan2012)

    Your ideas look amazing!

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