Pocket Wedding Invitations- perfect for keeping all your wedding stationery in one place!

Pocket style wedding invitations (aka. wedding invitation wallets or pouches) have become increasingly popular in recent times!

These pockets are an extremely convenient way to hold all wedding stationery in one place, keeping all your essential wedding information in a neat and orderly manner. Not to mention they look great too! Have a peek at our website to see our full collection of gorgeous pocket style invites! We have sleeve pocket invitations, pouch style invitations, bi-fold wallet style invitations and more!

Hopefully you’ll find a design in there that you’ll absolutely love!

Diamond Black Wedding Invitation Wallet Pouch

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  1. Great info, I personally like pocket wedding invitations as they are light and small. When I am going to weddings I like to carry a very small hand bag so the last thing I want is big invitation card that does not fit in my bag which then forced to carry around on my hand. It does not look modern and fashionable, so yes I do favor pocket wedding invitations.

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