What’s New- “Vintage Glamour” Wedding Invitations

This luxurious lace invitation collection is perfect for a vintage inspired wedding theme.

The invitation features luscious ivory lace corded and beaded with pearls and sequins, tied together with soft taupe satin ribbon on top on pearlescent mink card and finished with a dazzling cluster at the centre.




  1. I see a lot more of this vintage theme coming back i have been to a few weddings recently where the bride had a vintage wedding dress on – very classy.


  2. I love the vintage glamour invitation. How can I place an order for my upcoming wedding?

  3. Amber Williamson says:

    I love the look of the above invitation. “Vintage Glamour” wedding invitations. Please advise of price and how I can place an order.

  4. Hi there I love the invitation pictured. How much does it cost please?

  5. I love this invitation, how do you order? is the lace meant to slide off to open the invitation? if so is that the envelope that the lace is on? thank you 😉

  6. How can I get a price and how can I order! Love em’

  7. sarah martinez says:

    Hi, I wanted to see how much these invitations cost.Thanks!

  8. I love these! How do I order?

  9. The vintage style invitation cards are perfectly decorated and beautiful. They are perfect for occasions like marriage. Thanks for sharing this information on the blog. I am enlightened and hope to read more useful blogs from you. Thank you for sharing this marvellous blog post out here. Wish you luck and success.


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