Don’t forget to thank your guests after the wedding with thank you cards!

Sending thank you cards after the wedding is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude to your family and friends and let them know just how much you have appreciated their support,  well wishes and wedding gifts!

In this day and age, where emails and text messages are what people commonly exchange, receiving a lovely handwritten thank you card in the mail will certainly be cherished and remembered!

Ideally, your thank you cards should be

  • Sent as soon as possible after the wedding
  • Matching with your wedding stationery. While this is not essential, it is definitely lovely to have coordinated wedding stationery from start ’till end. 
  • Personalised with the guests names and with references to the wedding gift wherever possible
  • Handwritten to make it more personal and lastly,
  • Thank you cards should be sent on formal stationery.  For other events, simple thank you notes written on plain paper would be acceptable, however for a wedding, it is much nicer to have your thank you messages written on quality card.




  1. Can we have a pre printed message inside the card ?

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