Top 5 Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Here is my TOP 5 list of the most common wedding invitation mistakes that a bride (and groom) can make. Don’t let them happen to you!

Stressed Bride

  1. Not ordering enough invitations: This is an all-too-common error that many tend to make. Sometimes you have all the final numbers worked out, and then your Mother, fiancé or perhaps your in-laws mention that they have forgotten a few people!  Thus, always order extras  to cater for any last-minute or unexpected guests. While you can usually go and re-order a few more invitations from your stationer, you will have to wait to receive these, so it’s better to order an additional 5-10 ‘spare’ invitations on top of your guest list.
  2. Failing to proofread:  The last thing your wedding needs is spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on the wedding invitations. It is also very poor form (and pretty embarrassing) if you misspell someone’s name. Always triple-check your guest list before submitting them to your invitation provider.
  3.  Not providing sufficient postage when mailing your invitation: Be sure to weigh your invitations at the Post Office before you actually mail them out. After all, you don’t want an insufficient postage stamp to appear on your invitations as well as the possibility of the invite never reaching its destination.
  4. Poor quality materials– Most couples are constrained by a budget when it comes to their wedding, however there is no excuse for having poor quality invites. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you should look to get good quality card for your invites. You can skip the fancy flowers, stick-ons or embellishments if you’re on a budget, but the overall look of the invitation should be of an acceptable quality.
  5. Making invitations yourself without proper guidance: DIY invitations can be great however it is important that you research styles you like before attempting to start as well as familiarise yourself with the materials, equipment and processes required. This will avoid disasters when your invites don’t turn out like how you want them to, or they look “home-made” rather than lovingly “handmade”.

 If you keep these 5 invitation tips in mind when planning your wedding stationery, it will certainly make the whole process a lot easier! All the best! 


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